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The Gates Foundation

Changing the Odds

Project Type

Advocacy Experiential Fundraising Campaign


Brand Strategy Concept Development Creative Direction

The Brief

The Gates’ health funds—the Vaccine Alliance, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria, and the Global Polio Eradication Initiative—have proven that health delivery networks disrupt inequalities and produce opportunities at an unprecedented scale and speed.


How can we build awareness and political will for global health funding?


Can we shift the perception of value and impact amongst global health influencers?

The Spark

Today’s innovators don’t solve intractable problems by leaving them up to fate. They change the odds—one solution at a time.


Gates had an opportunity to reframe the narrative and rebrand global health:


Global Health ≠ Charity, Global Health = Innovation

Changing the Odds 2

The Work

We created a 360 campaign consisting of IRL activations around the globe, key messages, a hyper-targeted media buy, print collateral, and editorial content. The Optimist Newsstand has been brought to life during global health summits from Lyon, France to Abu Dhabi, UAE, and our Optimist Newspaper is published in English, French, and Arabic.

Global Health ≠ Charity, Global Health = Innovation.

Changing the Odds 14
Changing the Odds 3


Agency :
Imprint Projects

Creative Director :
Chloë Greene

Strategist :
Tripp Gobble

Executive Producer :
Bridget Sheils

Executive Producer :
Cat Jimenez

Newspaper Editor :
Ben Tear

Newspaper Art Director :
Jordan Vouga

Artist :
Giovani Flores

Artist :
Minji Moon

Artist :
Franziska Barczyk

Senior Designer :
Nicole Clark

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